Birthday Surprise
Season 2, Episode 8, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Sandy Fries

Tom tries to turn Jerry into a birthday gift for a Girl Kitten from across the street.


Tom, in a yellow plaid suit with green lines, combs his hair with a fish skeleton, and walks off to a house and living there is a kitten named Cindy Lou, who lives across the street (as Tom sprints through traffic) with a gift. While he is about to knock on her front door, Tom overhears Cindy Lou telling her friend via telephone that Tom will arrive any minute and she hopes to have her own mouse. However, Tom's gift was a heart-shaped picture frame with him in it, so Tom trudges back to his house to capture Jerry, then goes back to Cindy Lou's house with a rolled up piece of paper, knocking on the door.

Cindy Lou lets him in, beaming that Tom remembered her birthday. Tom then places the rolled-up paper which is a tablecloth and inside was a few balloons, party hats, party accessories, and a cake. Soon after, Tom places a party hat on Cindy Lou's head and blows a party horn, which contained Jerry, which surprises a beaming Cindy-Lou. Jerry however, resentful at being humiliated, grabs the cake and strikes Tom with it. Tom attempts to locate Jerry and looks under the party hats, but all three are empty. As it turns out, Jerry is under Tom's party hat and used the hat as a slingshot to blow back Tom, and escape through the window. Tom tries to chase him, but the window frame closes, trapping Tom.

Upon returning back to Cindy-Lou's House, Tom offers Cindy-Lou boxes of presents including a purse. (of course, She yawns boredly) So, Tom first offers her a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She eats one with a soft center. and Tom offers He a Bracelet with pearls and a ruby. Cindy-Lou appreciates Tom for giving Her these small gifts. but, hoping to have a mouse, Cindy-Lou charms Tom to get Jerry to Her, which he agrees and gets Jerry after returning back to his house. Tom returns to Cindy Lou again and offers her a bouquet of flowers (with Jerry inside and spiking the bouquet with black pepper). Cindy-Lou sneezes, sending Tom and the party supplies out of her house.

Tom returns back with a music box with Jerry inside. So, he knocks on the door once again, and sees Cindy Lou with an orange and pudgy cat named Gaylord. As the two of them drive off in a sports car, a heartbroken Tom motions Jerry to kick him in the rear, which he does. Jerry laughs at this, and then Tom chases him, but since they cannot cross the street with such traffic, Tom whistles the cars to stop, and whistles them again to continue after the two return to their street. In the end, Tom and Jerry cause a calamity in Tom's house.


  • When Tom overhears Cindy-Lou, his irises are yellow-green in that shot.
  • When Tom goes to grab Jerry after Cindy-Lou allures him, he is missing his suit.
  • When Cindy-Lou is seen for the first time, her stomach is the same color as the rest of her fur.