Tom and Cindy-Lou thinking that everyone in town is missing, try to get used to the post-apocalyptic world as they start to miss Their previous lifestyle...



Tom and Cindy-Lou wandering around the street.


As the sun was rising over Tom's house, as He wakes up from His sleep, He sees His milk bowl empty and goes to give Jerry a piece of His mind, but when He gets to the mousehole,  Jerry wasn't here, making Tom scratch His head in confusion. and becomes more confused when He sees no one in the neighborhood, not even Spike or Tyke. as Tom becomes lonely thinking that He's the last kitten on the planet, He goes into despair, until He sees Cindy-Lou at Her patio. and comes to Her. but, just as He reaches the patio, He falls down headfirst. making Cindy-Lou come to His aid as She explains Her scenario of that no one in town is here. feeling lonely, Cindy-Lou asks Tom to go with Her on an unusual kind of date, where rules don't apply. Tom accepted.

at Spike's yard, Tom paints a message that says "A bully dog lives here". at an abandoned Circus tent, Cindy-Lou applauds as She sees Tom juggling 5 spheres, as He jumps on 5 high tree stumps. at a dressing store, Cindy-Lou is trying out clothes that don't match as Tom takes pictures of Her with Her outfits. at Chase School, as Tom fills the place with water, Cindy-Lou is swimming inside. at a library, Tom and Cindy-Lou are blaring a train horn and lighting firecrackers. enjoying ice cream at an Ice Cream Parlor, playing all the video games at the local arcade, and enjoying an amusement park's rides. Now at a Card Shop, Tom and Cindy-Lou open packs of cards to their hearts' content. roller rink, when They skated, Tom becomes more enamored, but just as He approached Cindy-Lou, She starts to falter on Her skates, and crashes into Tom, knocking Him out and injuring Him.

at a hospital, as Tom was in a bed, He wakes up to an empty room. Tom then left the room to see Cindy-Lou and the Neighborhood kids in cryostasis capsules, captured by Space Shapeshifters. and just as the aliens were about to capture Tom, the kitten sees one of the aliens react to water, giving Tom an idea of activating the fire sprinkler system, melting the aliens to nothing, Tom celebrating that He saved the world comes to Cindy-Lou, freeing Her from the capsule, as She woke up. becoming grateful Kisses Tom, making Him pass out and whispers in his ear "Why don't We enjoy ourselves for a couple more days?". Tom complies and after a few days, at 8 AM, Tom woke up, and notices Jerry pulling His tail. Tom then grabs Jerry but hugs Him, as He goes in a jumpy mood, Tom's owner then asks Her Pet cat on how the house got so rich-looking and the shed full of Trading cards, making Tom shrug his shoulders. He then goes to Cindy-Lou's house, but crashes into Her door. Cindy-Lou answers and sees Tom happy as He hugs Her like a plush toy, making Cindy-Lou respond, "You know? If Tommy's in a good mood, then I'm in the same mood as Him." as She giggles.