Under a Mess Hall Cook's Orders, Tom tries to get rid of Jerry, but did not count on a Girl Kitten Sergeant helping Jerry out.


Tom and Jerry are serving in the army with Buck Private Tom serving in the Mess Hall. The Chef is cooking up some grub when Jerry runs in and eats what the Chef just cooked. The Chef is furious that Tom is sleeping and reminds a frightened Tom his orders are to keep the mouse away and the mess hall clean which Tom has failed to do. After a few threats from his Superior, Tom is up and at it cleaning the Mess Hall, but Jerry is there to foil his progress.

Tom is now cleaning the Mess Hall, but as he is cleaning he is sneaking a few bites here and there of snacks. As Tom is making a meal he spots Jerry stealing some cake. As Tom catches Jerry, a Sergeant in the form of a Girl Kitten shows up and orders Tom to let Jerry go which He does. However, the Mess Hall Sergeant returns and asks Buck Private Thomas for a full report. Tom gives the report of a stellar fight with the mouse but the Chef isn't buying it. Chef then shows Tom the security footage that he took proving Tom's Tale as Ficticious at best. Chef then puts Tom through major basic training to toughen him up.

Meanwhile, Jerry is running wild in the Mess Hall kitchen. Tom gets yelled at again by the Chef and goes off to chase Jerry again. Once Tom catches Jerry again, the girl Sergeant shows up and orders him to let new recruit Jerry go. The Chef sees this (Despite seeing the Sergeant berating Tom) and puts Tom back into basic for more toughening up. Tom crawls back to the Mess Hall and introduced to the new Lieutenant, Jerry, alongside the Girl Kitten. Tom is last seen doing 10,000 push-ups during Nighttime as the Mess Hall Sergeant Chef counts and then loses his place.