Super Droop and Dripple Boy stop the Yolker from committing various crimes.


A criminal by the name of the Yolker robs the Big Bank and gets away in his car. The Police Squad tried to stop him but they were beaten back by the Yolker's eggs. Newspaper headlines read: "Yoklers Wild, Mad Chicken on the Rampage", "Rooster Robber Strikes Again!", "and "Police Baffled!" In the police department, the office is bombed by the Yolker's eggs. The Mayor then calls for Super Droop(Droopy Dog) and Dripple Boy(Dripple). Super Droop and Dripple Boy show up in the office, much to the mayor and the chief's surprise. Super Droop then jumps out of the window in an attempt to fly after the Yolker, but falls. Luckily, Dripple Boy activates Jet Pack Snow Skis, a trampoline, a jackhammer, and a spring from under Super Droop's car to save his father, leaving the Yolker saying "Where does he get all those marvelous toys?" The Yolker then drops a giant egg and bird seed on Super Droop and Dripple Boy. In return, they used a giant boxing glove to destroy the Yolker's helicopter. The Yolker then heads back to his hideout to get another helicopter, followed by Super Droop and Dripple Boy, but not before Dripple Boy helps an old lady crossing the street. The Yolker then lands his helicopter by the Coin-U-Copia. The Yolker uses a vacuum cleaner to steal the coins, but ends up finding Super Droop inside the vacuum. He then sees a Furs-Is-Us store and steals the furs. Again, he sees Super Droop inside. At Paris, France, the Yolker uses a rope to steal a statue of Venus De Milo, but ends up catching Super Droop. The Yolker was about to head toward London, England, but not before he sees a Security Truck, but, again, he ends up finding Super Droop. At London, the Yolker was about to steal the crown jewels but sees Super Droop. Super Droop and Dripple Boy finally nabbed the Yolker by locking him in a safe.


  • The Yolker is a parody of the Joker, a villain from the Batman franchise. but in Return of the Yolker, the Yolker is a human in a rooster costume.
  • First Droopy & Dripple segment in Tom & Jerry Kids and Season 1 to not feature the villain as McWolf.