Super Duper Spike
Season 1, Episode 6, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Patrick A. Ventura (As Pat Ventura)


After the actor who played a TV hero failed to show-up on account of his sickness, Spike disguises himself as the same hero to cheer his son up.


At Spike's house, Tyke is watching a TV show called "The Adventures of Super Duper Duper Hunk". Inside the TV, Super Duper Duper Hunk is seen smashing asteroids and defeated one of his enemies. After the episode, the TV Announcer tells the viewer that it's time to announce the winner of the "Win a Visit from Super Duper Duper Hunk" contest. The announcer tells the audience that Tyke is the winner, much to Tyke's happiness. The announcer then tells Tyke to get ready for Super Duper Duper Hunk's visit at 2 o'clock. At 5:00 pm, poor Tyke is depressed because Super Duper Duper Hunk didn't come. Spike, seeing his sad son, decides to pay Super Duper Duper Hunk a visit.  At Studio KXYZ, Spike sees the actor who played Super Duper Duper Hunk coming down with a cold. The actor tells Spike to dress up as Super Duper Duper Hunk so that Tyke will be happy. Back at Spike's house, Spike, disguised as Super Duper Duper Hunk, uses a slingshot to fly in and crashes into the kitchen. Tyke, unaware that Spike is Super Duper Duper Hunk, is glad to see his hero. Later, Spike was telling Tyke a story when he tripped on skateboard, bounced on a hammock, and crashed into a chimney. On the roof, Spike grabs the satellite and is struck by lightning. Later, Spike uses a rocket to fly, with no success. Spike tells Tyke that he has to leave and tell him to wait for his father. That night, Tyke tells his father that Super Duper Duper Hunk came. Spike then tucks his son in bed and tells him that if he believes deep down his heart, his dream can come true. After Spike leaves, Tyke tells Us that he knew that it was his father all the time and that Spike is "the Greatest Pop in the Whole Wide World" and goes to sleep then fades the screen to black.


  • This episode was inspired by The Jetsons episode "Elroy's Pal", where the TV hero fails to show up and the child's father disguises himself as that TV hero to impress his child.