Tom is obligated by his owner to watch over Percy, a White Mouse, but Jerry sides with the White Mouse try to Double-Team the Kitten.


Tom is tormenting Jerry with a plunger attached to a modified pop gun. As Tom is shooting and retrieving the plunger, it backfires on him, causing Jerry to escape. Tom's Owner comes up and tells him to get the plunger off his head and she introduces Tom to Percy, a white mouse who looks like Jerry, which is also a birthday present for the little girl next door. The Owner knows about Tom's Habit with Mice, and tells Her Kitten that as long as nothing happens to Percy, Tom won't be held responsible. However, seconds after the Owner leaves, Tom begins to torment the white mouse while Jerry is watches. Percy manages to escape and run, but Tom gives chase. Jerry pulls in Percy to one of Jerry's hiding places as Tom rushes by. The two mice become fast friends and decide to get back at Tom. Percy paints Jerry white to confuse and wreak havoc on Tom. (the Difference is that Jerry still wears His Red Bowtie)

Tom is now a bit worried as he can't find Percy. Tom manages to catch Percy and put him back in his cage, but as Tom is napping he is awakened to a painted Jerry on a clothesline. Tom manages to catch Jerry and place him in the cage, but while Tom is napping again, Percy rescues Jerry. The two mice then double team Tom, having Tom catch plates and run in circles. Eventually, Tom unintentionally launches Jerry right into a fish bowl. As Tom is drying Jerry off, Tom manages to scrub the paint off revealing the deception, even as Jerry squashes Tom's Nose, pulls one of His Whiskers and Lip, until Tom pulls out a hand Mirror, showing Jerry in His real Color. Tom puts Jerry into the cage and runs off after Percy. Percy heads to the street with Tom hot on his heels. As Tom is about to grab Percy, the white mouse jumps on a floating piece of wood like a surfboard in the gutter and rides the flow of water down the sewer drain, making Tom pale.

As Tom is moping by the mouse cage, with Jerry still inside, the Owner arrives and then Tom in a panic, rushes to get Jerry painted up again to take Percy's place. The Owner pats Tom for watching over Percy and right before the Owner takes Jerry to the birthday girl next door, Percy returns saying that he would rather be in a cage than the real world. Percy and Jerry switch places and the Owner takes Percy to the party. Tom and Jerry wave farewell to Percy, and the pair shake hands and then Tom begins to clean the paint off Jerry. However, their truce is short lived as Tom uses the wash cloth to smack Jerry in the Rear and chase him anew.


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  • When Percy waved at Tom from the cupboard, his nose is black instead of pink.

Voice Cast

  • Susan Blu as Percy
  • ???? as Tom's Owner