Thomas Cat Jr. is one of the two main characters in the Tom and Jerry Kids Show. He wears a red baseball cap with a blue stripe. He usually chases Jerry Mouse Jr. in most of the episodes. However in certain episodes, he becomes friends with Jerry, but has defeated him very few times in others. He is known to be friends with a couple of cats. Of course, He has appeared more than Jerry, because Wild Mouse took Jerry's place in some of Tom's appearances.


  • Tom once tried to become a spokescat for Slurpo Cat Food in "Marvelous Marvin".
  • Tom won first prize in the International Championship Cat Show in "Scrub-a-Dub Tom" but Jerry ruined the moment when the Kitten saw Him inside the trophy.
  • In "Catch that Mouse", Jerry took a dive in the fourth attempt, to help Tom win the $1 million prize.
  • In "The Calaboose Cal 495", he and Jerry both win and split the Million Dollars.


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