This page is for title picture ideas for the fan episodes of Tom & Jerry Kids.

Season 1 Picture Ideas

  1. Catnap Tom: Little Tom sleeping while sucking his thumb, as Little Jerry is about to wake him with cymbals.
  2. Merit Badgered: The Mouse Scouts becoming drowsy, as badgers in scout uniforms play violins.
  3. Strained Magic: Droopy and Dripple in robes, as McWolf is about to cast a spell on them.
  4. Brain Drained: Wild Mouse twitching as a helmet on his head is lighting up.
  5. Digging the Scene: Tyke's head from above sees a few moles.
  6. Bad Luck Bernie: Bernie flinching at the sight of broken mirrors, ladders, and Tom painted in black.
  7. Last Fiction: Tom, Jerry and the gang make a dramatic performance.
  8. East of the Best: Slowpoke Antonio rides on a bull.
  9. Birdie and the Beast: Beryan Bird looks disgustedly at a mud-covered Bernie.
  10. Wild Cards: A slot machine showing 3 Faces of Wild Mouse.
  11. Borderline Boredom: Dripple sitting on the floor.
  12. Artist Rendering: Little Jerry dressed as a painter, draws a stupid-looking little Tom.
  13. Sherlock Tyke: Tyke dresses as Sherlock Holmes as question marks are over his head.
  14. Twin-Twin Situation: Tim scared in little Tom's arms as little Jerry waves at them.
  15. Singing in the Ghost Train: Bernie as a ghostly engineer scaring Kyle and Clyde.
  16. Tail-Tell Heart: A sleeping Tyke biting Tom's tail tip.
  17. Carnival Calamity: The Mouse Scouts disguising Wild Mouse as a clown.
  18. Here comes the Little Bride: Love-struck Dripple lovingly going after a dream cloud.
  19. Beatnik Bulldog: Spike snaps as drums and hands snapping fingers are over his head.
  20. From Starch to Finish: Tom trapped in a washer as Jerry is trapped inside a dryer.
  21. Chair and Chair Alike: Kyle and Clyde are sitting on old chairs.
  22. Pyrotechnic Panic: Calaboose Cal lighting some fireworks.
  23. Southern-Fried Tom: Tom pushing Tim to meet Sugar-Belle.
  24. Jerry's Secret Weapon: Jerry shows a blueprint with a recycle symbol on it.
  25. Thrill-Ride Tom: A roller-coaster car with Jerry on it chasing Tom on the track.
  26. Banjo Bulldog: Tyke plays a banjo, with music notes around him.
  27. Deviled Dog: McWolf as a devil is on Dripple's right shoulder, as Dripple thinks he's McWolf as an angel on the left.
  28. Penguins are Mightier Than SwordsPerky Penguin joking around a bored Wild Mouse.
  29. Splitted Personalities: One Tom pats Jerry's head softly as another has a fork and knife and slobbering.
  30. Sail of the Century: A bum gives cash to Cal who has a dilapidated sailboat.
  31. William Tell-All: Tom as William Tell aiming an arrow at a pear on Jerry's head.
  32. A Cat's Game: Tom coming out of an O, as Jerry is on an X.
  33. Sharp-Shooter Spike: Spike aiming a slingshot one of Tyke's bullies.
  34. Wheel be Ready: Wild Mouse looking at a stone wheel
  35. Crook-Busters: Tom holding a badge like a policeman, with Jerry shrugging his shoulders.
  36. Rooftop Relaxation: Droopy and Dripple resting on the title, as McWolf looks up.
  37. Peach Sold Separately: Bernie and his peach are spotted by Karl and Lucy.
  38. Movie Fear: Tom cowering in front of Jerry looking like a zombie.
  39. Barber-Shop Quarter: Tom, in a barber shop outfit performing in front of Cindy-Lou.


Season 2 Picture Ideas

  1. Opera and Down: A disappointed Tyke holding a script, while looking at Spike dressed as Tom.
  2. Lighthouse of Cards: Dripple carefully placing a card on a card pyramid, with a lighthouse behind him.
  3. Stashing the Trash: Tom coming out of a trash heap.
  4. A Ramble Gamble: Tom walking off with a stick holding a bag as Jerry goes after him.
  5. The Mood for Food: McWolf (as a native) threatening Droopy and Dripple with a spear.
  6. Accordion Discord: Tom playing the accordion as Jerry plugs his ears.
  7. Windowsill to Swallow: A windowsill is between Bernie and Beryan.
  8. Tree of Charge: Tom and Jerry coming out of a tree house.
  9. Raging Bulldog: Tyke dressed as a coach, readies Spike in wrestler's attire.
  10. General Karl: Karl spraying mustard at the chef (from Mess Hall Mouser) as Tom watches.
  11. Jerry at the Bat: Jerry disguised as a tiny kitten as the rest of team Jerry are in front of him.
  12. Pranks for Nothing: McWolf placing a banana peel to where Droopy's walking.
  13. Sale of the Second: Calaboose Cal giving chocolate to Spike and Tyke.
  14. Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: McWolf acting like a sheep, with Droopy and Dripple confused.
  15. When Mice Were Cats: Tom and Jerry surprised to see themselves as mouse and kitten respectively.
  16. Over Pressure: Tyke, Tim, and Karl in scuba helmets as a shark is opening his mouth at the gang.
  17. Toxic Paste: Karl and Clyde jumping over green blobs as Bernie flies over them.
  18. Shock n' Awesome: A panicky Tom's fur is charged with electricity, and Jerry's fur is all messed up.
  19. Karate Kitten: Tom wearing a karate robe in front of Jerry.
  20. Balloon Platoon: Lucy looking at a water balloon, as she watches Karl throw one.
  21. Chill Thrill: McWolf freezing in the cold as Droopy and Dripple are wearing winter attire.
  22. Submerged Jerry: Jerry swimming away from a shark as Tom watches in shock.
  23. Tarot Terror: McWolf trying to escape various falling objects.
  24. Dreaming On: Tom and Jerry sleeping as they dream as a mouse and cat respectively.
  25. Mild and Crazy: Wild Mouse playing with a surprised Tim's tail.
  26. Maze Craze: Tom, Jerry, and a few other characters take different directions.
  27. Cart Capers: McWolf's cart competing with Droopy and Dripple's.
  28. Velcro's Nest: Tom stuck on a wall while wearing a jumpsuit as Jerry waves.
  29. Head in the Clouds: Tom floating in the sky with balloons tied to his tail as Jerry is on the balloons.
  30. Deaf Sentence: Droopy and Dripple each holding a hearing horn, with McWolf confused.
  31. Roller Waitress: Vavoom roller-skating as Calaboose Cal points at her face.
  32. Clean Sweep: Tom cowering in front of Tyke wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket.
  33. Renaissance Rumble: Wild Mouse wearing a Renaissance wig, as he shows a portrait of himself.
  34. Dressed for Success: Cindy-Lou and Mary-Lou sampling a few dresses made by Tom and Tyke respectively.
  35. One, Two, Three, Forest: The Mouse Scouts marching as they hold up numbers.
  36. Camera Shy: The kittens clobbering Calaboose Cal as Tim videotapes the fight.
  37. Urban Living: Kyle designing a stove into a makeshift hotel for mice.
  38. Too Many Crooks: Tim crawling backward as the crooks dressed as mice approach him.
  39. But of Obstacle Course: Cindy-Lou, Jerry, Tim, Lucy, and Tyke climb different ropes.

Season 3 Picture Ideas

  1. Basic Restraining: Tom shows a restraining order to Spike as he was about to maul the kitten.
  2. Welcome to the Future: Droopy and Dripple go down a warp hole.
  3. Grunge Match: A dirty guitarist plays his guitar as Tom and Jerry plug their ears.
  4. Falling Ice Cream: Tom does a tribal dance as Jerry and Tyke shrug their shoulders.
  5. Come What Maze: Tyke and Spike looking at trick mirrors as a dog catcher is about to net them.
  6. The Purr-fect Perfume: Kyle sampling a perfume.
  7. Archeolo-Jitters: Tom, in archaeologist's attire, using a brush to clean Jerry in the sand.
  8. Flower Power: Droopy and Dripple with flower pots as McWolf is snared by brambly vines.
  9. Sick Daze: A sick Cindy-Lou in ed with an ice bag on her head as Tom watches over her.
  10. Bully for Who?: A gray girl kitten cracking her knuckles as Tom hides behind Jerry.
  11. The Bugs Stop Here: A terrified Lucy in Karl's arms as insects approaches them.
  12. A Pup and His Puppet: Tyke and Spike play with each other's puppets.
  13. OK for Croquet: Tom whacks a croquet ball at Jerry's location.
  14. Comet and Get it: Karl and Lucy look at comets in the sky.
  15. Timothy the Terrific: Tim magically makes a bouquet appear in front of White Tabby.
  16. Eight Unusual Suspects: Jerry holding a magnifying glass in front of Tom, Cindy-Lou, Tyke, Mary-Lou, Karl, Lucy, Tim, and White Tabby.
  17. Skate-Bird: Bernie Bird up a half-pipe while roller skating.
  18. Dollars and Zen: Karl and Lucy relaxing on a pillow.
  19. Sword of the Day: Droopy and Dripple raising their bamboo swords.
  20. Fish upon a Star: Tom looks up at a fish constellation as Jerry is about to cut the fishing line.
  21. Extravagant Extraterrestrial: Tyke hiding behind his dad as the alien skids to a stop.
  22. Front-Row Wagon: A paranoid Tim on the same small wagon as Jerry and the Mouse Scouts.
  23. Front and Kayak: Kyle and Clyde riding the rapids as Bernie flies over them.
  24. Chariot and Chariot Alike: Droopy and McWolf riding on 2 separate chariots.
  25. You Sweat Your Life: Tom exercising as Clyde does the same, but gets tired.
  26. Tis' a small Prize to pay: Calaboose Cal around a big array of stuffed prizes.
  27. Up and Clown: Dripple is dressed as a clown as he rides a unicycle.
  28. Hero and There: Tom is dressed as a masked hero as he has Cindy-Lou in his arms.
  29. Cats off to Tyke: Spike places a "No Cats Allowed" sign, and Tyke glares angrilly at him.
  30. Society Hurts: Lucy lathers Karl's hair, and trims his fingernails.
  31. Danger Level: Droopy and Dripple are on a rope as McWolf is dressed as a game show host.
  32. Tom's Bodyguard: Tom is hiding behind Clyde from Spike.
  33. Amish Fish: Kyle and Clyde hide in a pond, but Bernie holds a sign that says the title.
  34. Surf-bored Kitten: Tom is on his back, as Jerry flings stones at Butchie the Bully.
  35. The Chaos Zone: Droopy and Dripple are floating as Tom, Jerry, Tyke, and Bernie's heads pop out, a la Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.
  36. And so on, and so North: Bernie sunbathing on a chair as Kyle and Clyde is about to pounce him.
  37. Mobsters Vs. Mobsters: Droopy, Dripple, and McWolf are dressed as Mobsters in the 1920's.
  38. Mouse-shot Blues: Tim playing the harmonica as Jerry's plugs his ears, and White Tabby looks at Tim, lovingly.
  39. Aim of the Game: Tom and Jerry trapped in a virtual reality game as they bang on the TV screen.

Season 4 Picture Ideas

  1. Hypnotized Timothy: Trista waving Her paw in front of Tim's face.
  2. Violence is Vile: Jerry about to use an array of Weapons against Tom.
  3. King-Size Kyle: Kyle becoming Fat as Clyde is slightly thinner.
  4. You got Schooled: Spike is dressed like a schoolboy as Tyke places His paw on His face.
  5. Tomb with a View: Pharaoh Tom is pursuing Jerry partially covered in bandages.
  6. Nature Lover Droopy: McWolf about to grab a flower as Droopy and Dripple keeps watch.
  7. Aiding the Enemy: Jerry trying to halt Tom's sleepwalking
  8. Tragedy begins at Home: Tyke horrified to see Spike around His grave.
  9. Unhappy Trails to You: Slowpoke Antonio, Jerry, and the Mouse Scouts play acoustic guitars.
  10. Catcher on the Sty: Spike, Tom, and Jerry hide behind a Wall to a caged Tyke.
  11. Crook takes Pawn: McWolf's hand pushes McWolf as a Bishop, as Droopy's hand pushes Droopy and Dripple as Knights.
  12. Do it or Donor: Karl and Lucy see Kyle on a stretcher as He's about to enter the O.R.
  13. Tom gets the Point: Jerry scares Tom with a pin.
  14. Parenthood Panic: Tim and Trista nurturing a baby starling in their paws.
  15. Spy Vs. Pup: a shadowy figure holding Tyke hostage.
  16. Ad and Subtract: Droopy tightening His tie as Dripple writes down a piece of paper.
  17. Sky-Bye Birdie: Jerry and Bernie flying in a toy biplane.
  18. Home Shopping Networking: Calaboose Cal displaying a billboard showing the Title.
  19. Brain Train: Tyke thinks of a train as Tom looks at it.
  20. Endless Obstacle Course: Tom, Dripple, and Tyke climb a dragnet.
  21. On the Beatnik: Droopy and Dripple dress as beatniks as they bang their drums.
  22. Pied Mouse: Jerry plays a flute which hypnotizes Tom
  23. Steal Life: Detective Droopy is thinking as McWolf's image is crossed out.
  24. Taking the False: Spike in the Plaintiff box, as Cal is in the Defendant Box.
  25. Spike in the Slammer: Spike is in a prison cell, as Tom taps His foot.
  26. Pastry Panic: Cindy-Lou and Mary-Lou spraying each other with Cake Icing.
  27. Scavenger Hunter: Jerry through a magnifying glass sees the criminal.
  28. Pianist's Delight: Droopy plays a toy piano as Dripple is soothed.
  29. Chase School Romance Class: Tom is lovingly chasing Cindy-Lou as Jerry and the mouse students watch.
  30. Frozen Fury: Spike is playing in the snow as Tyke seems uninterested.
  31. Germ-Buster Tom: Tom wears tissue boxes on His feet, and a shower cap on His head, as Jerry sneezes uncontrollably.
  32. Draw and Order: Jerry runs with a crude drawing of tom attacking Spike, as Tom hastily goes after Him.
  33. Camera Chaos: Karl takes pictures of the title.
  34. Hoo-Hoo Voo-Doo: a Shamanistic Owl casts a spell on the Mouse Scouts.
  35. When Kittens Fly: Tom flapping His arms as Jerry laughs.
  36. Wild Mouse Gone Mild: Wild Mouse wears a suit and draws a complex math problem on a blackboard.
  37. Kitten Who Came for a Midnight Snack: Chino is chasing Jerry as Tom is looking through a window.
  38. Tele-Terror: McWolf spooked to see Droopy and Dripple come out of the TV.
  39. What is Cool?: Spike wears sunglasses to a disdaining Tyke.

Season 5 Picture Ideas

  1. Chase School Nature Class: Two of the Kitten students flinch at Wild Mouse as three mouse students wave.
  2. Not-so-Bright Future: Jerry sees a robotic mouse and sees Cats as extinct.
  3. Planet of the Wolves: Droopy and Dripple are surrounded by a horde of McWolves.
  4. Raging Pup: Tom holding a microphone as Spike fights a Dog Wrestler.
  5. Paper Chase: Tyke tosses a paper as Karl on a bicycle is about to catch it.
  6. Kamp Kitten: Tim running as He getting tired from a screaming drill sergeant.
  7. Strummer Vacation: Spike, Tyke, Tom, and Jerry playing rock music.
  8. Dice of Life: Jerry jumping on game spots.
  9. No Good Deed: The Mouse Scouts push Wild Mouse to get a badge.
  10. Ready, Willing, Cable: Jerry on a couch turns His head and sees Tom in His mouse hole.
  11. Kitchen Magician: Mary-Lou raises Her index finger as Tyke and Spike are dressed as chefs.
  12. Cajun Swampy: Swampy Fox is pouring Vegetables at Sheriff Potgut and the Gator Bros as they are in a cauldron.
  13. Spooky Summit: Trista guides Tim to a pup tent as video Cameras are on the both of them.
  14. Surfing Turf: McWolf is faltering on His surfboard as Droopy and Dripple are still.
  15. The Extra Files: Karl and Lucy are looking at the lawn with magnifying glasses.
  16. Glue Season: Tom desperately trying to pull His paw off Cindy-Lou's shoulder.
  17. Knead for Speed: McWolf using a giant rolling pin to make His pizza as Droopy and Dripple spread Tomato sauce. on theirs.
  18. Through Thick but not Thin: A fat Tom is chasing Jerry.
  19. To Beach Their Own:Jerry in a diving suit is guided by Undine the Mermouse as they go toward a treasure chest.
  20. Fowl Play: Bernie is pursued by an owl.
  21. Tail Tale: Tom and Tim are half-asleep as They use Trista's and Cindy-Lou's tails as Pillows.
  22. Hyde and Seek: Wild Mouse is calm and friendly as Tim cowers.
  23. Voo-Doo He does: Tom uses a voo-doo doll which looks like Spike to make Him dance.
  24. There went the Neighborhood: Tom throws eggs at Spike, as He becomes furious.
  25. Flea of Absence: Tyke is biting His own foot to get rid of a few fleas.
  26. Ballet down the Law: Droopy and Dripple do a pirouette as They're dressed in pink.
  27. Cleocatra's Return: Tim and Trista shake hands with Cleocatra and Tim Anchovy.
  28. Snow Way: The Professor is holding a "No Winter Sports" sign as the Chase School students fling snowballs at Him.
  29. In the Mood for the Moon: The Mouse Scouts look around to see the Moon.
  30. Dictator Droopy: Droopy is dressed as a Despot as McWolf, Dripple, and some hippies tell Him to halt.
  31. Round and Ground: Wild Mouse eats a "No Vacancy" sign that a gopher was pointing at.
  32. Shocky Tom: Tom electrocutes Jerry with a single touch.
  33. Tanks for Nothing: McWolf as a Army General tries to run over Droopy and Dripple.
  34. Sewer or Later: Jerry and the Mouse Scouts are wearing Gas Masks.
  35. Winded Mill: Bernie showing Kyle and Clyde tied to a Windmill.
  36. Make it There, Make it Nowhere: Tom and Jerry does a Broadway performance.
  37. Turtle Soup: McWolf is about to put a Turtle in a pot of boiling water.
  38. Wishing Upon a Starling: the Starling (as a Teenager) is in Tim's cap as He's holding it
  39. A Punting We will Go: one of the Chase School mice kicks the soccer ball as it bounces off of a Chase School Kitten's head.

Season 6 Picture Ideas

  1. Genies Louise: A Genie's hand grants Tom infinite lives, to Jerry's surprise.
  2. Tooth isn't Stranger than Fiction: Karl's tooth is in pain as Lucy comes to His aid.
  3. Not to Dimension: Spike and Tyke encounter Cat versions of Themselves.
  4. Poised Ivy: Jerry covered in red spots, scratches Himself as the Mouse Scouts watch in horror.
  5. Talent Show: The Chase School Students ride on tires, spin plates, juggle spheres, and twirl batons.
  6. Sleepless McWolf: McWolf with his arms down and His eyes bloodshot.
  7. Fool for a Day: Tom pulling down a chain from above, as Spike, Tyke, and Jerry are pelted with plastic fishes.
  8. Park Panic: Spike holds balloons, as Tyke blows bubbles, Karl eats a funnel cake, and Tim holding a stuffed prize.
  9. Last Kittens on Earth: Tom and Cindy-Lou grasp each other as no one's here.
  10. Wind or Lose: Karl and Lucy riding on a Wind Turbine as Bernie angrily approach them.
  11. Hat Trick Horrors: Tom whose leg is attached to Jerry's powerfully kicks a soccer ball at the opponent's head.
  12. Heist Hijinx: Tyke wearing a bandanna over His mouth as Spike cracks His knuckles when the three crooks approach them.
  13. Tyke n Toddlers: Tyke watches over Tom and Jerry as Toddlers in a cradle.
  14. Cat n Mouse of Steel: Jerry in a hero's costume flies over Tom's head.
  15. Dog Grumps: Droopy jumping on a pogo stick as Dripple walk on stilts.
  16. Monster Trash: McWolf dressed like a devil throws trash at Droopy and Dripple.
  17. Bubble Trouble: Jerry, Spike, and Tyke sickly approach Tom in a plastic bubble.
  18. Slow but surely, Never wins the Race: Slowpoke Antonio rides a horse.
  19. Rags to Witches: Karl and Lucy trapped in 2 cages over the title.
  20. Cal's Time Car: Cal, Droopy, and Dripple fall through the Time stream.
  21. Heatwave Hounds: Spike and Tyke sleep on a bed of ice cubes as the sun is shining mercilessly.
  22. Satisfaction not Guaranteed: Cal offering low-quality Furniture to Droopy and Dripple.
  23. Snack Attack: a starving Tom desperately eating food as Jerry eats along.
  24. Treasure Measure: Tyke and Karl carefully searching for fossils.
  25. Trash is Treasure: Clyde and Kyle hold bottles with their fingers as Bernie tells them to stop.
  26. Not-so-Fun Raiser: Tom begrudgingly washing cars as Spike is watching Him.
  27. Same Time, Same Space: Droopy and Dripple are surrounded by an army of McWolves.
  28. Heavy Mental: Tom waving His fingers at Jerry as the mouse shrugs His shoulders.
  29. Beyond a Reasonable Scout:  Mouse Scouts hiding behind Jerry with a court order holds it in front of the scoutmaster.
  30. Dream a Little Dream: Tyke looking at Spike's Dream Cloud.
  31. To Bee, or not to Bee: McWolf absconds a honey hive from a forest.
  32. Skate-Mouse: Jerry skateboards the area as three mouse students give Him a 9.9, 9.5, and 9.9 as a kitten gives Jerry a 10.
  33. Brain, Brain, go away: Clyde's head becomes swollen as He draws a formula to Kyle's confusion.
  34. Raising the Car: The Boy Chase School Students flip flapjacks as the Girl Student pour syrup on the flapjacks.
  35. Only the Wild Survive: Tim caterwauls at seeing Jerry, the Mouse Scouts, and Wild Mouse.
  36. Hallo-Weird: McWolf offering His costume to Dripple.
  37. Tub be, or not Tub be: Spike and Tyke ride on a Bathtub with Wheels.
  38. Maximum Insecurity: Droopy and Dripple watch at McWolf as a Magician with his son, Stinky Jr.
  39. Hollywood Works: Tom hugs His Parents, Tom Sr. and Toodles as Jerry hugs Jerry Sr.

Season 7 Picture Ideas

  1. Jukebox Jerks: Tom dances to the jukebox as Jerry plugs his ears.
  2. Loopy Luncheon: Tyke and Mary-Lou are at a dinner table in formal attire.
  3. Dried-Up Droopy: Drropy and Dripple hold up glasses from McWolf's water supply.
  4. Coral Calamity: Jerry and Undine are resting under some coral.
  5. Falling in Lava: Droopy as a volcanologist looks at McWolf wearing a tiki mask.
  6. Pirate Panic: Tyke holds up a wood sword, as Tom plays accordion and Jerry climbs a rope, all of them dressed as pirates.
  7. Money Can't Bayou Love: The Gator Brothers bow to girl Gators as Swampy cooks the brothers with a frying pan.
  8. Rickety Race: Tom and Jerry ride some roller coaster cars at a track.
  9. Tricked or Treat: Tyke as an angel and Mary-Lou as a Mobster are haunted by a ghost.
  10. Eight, Nine, Tennis: Tom whacks his racket at Butchie as he prepares nonchalantly.
  11. Tidal Trouble: Karl and Lucy are riding a wave on a surfboard.
  12. The Most Disgusting Game: Cindy-Lou is covered in ketchup, mustard, and relish, Lucy has butter poured all over her, Trista is partially covered in fishes, and Mary-Lou is covered in soap suds.
  13. Bully Dog Pulpit: Tyke defends a surprised Tom from his bully.
  14. Sewage or Later: Droopy and Dripple are in front of a slimy-looking McWolf.
  15. The 10-Kyle Dash: Kyle and Clyde in athlete-wear, chase Bernie.
  16. Ready, Steady, Bingo: McWolf holds up a few bingo cards. as Droopy and Dripple hold a sign saying "foul".
  17. Of Mice and Menace: Tom becomes curious as he's about to look at Jerry enjoying his party.
  18. Spike Against Spike: Spike and the lookalike glare at each other, as Tyke looks at us in a confused reaction.
  19. Twice-Told-Tale: Tom and Spike point fingers at each other.
  20. Fool for a Week: McWolf silly strings Droopy and Dripple, as they hold up shields.
  21. Dr. Thomas and Mr. Jerry: Spike becomes scared as he holds up Tom's tail making him become a monster.
  22. Flea-Bitten Tyke: Tyke wears vampire attire in front of a bewildered Spike.
  23. Mr. Clyde, I Pre-Sumo: Kyle stands next to a very fat Clyde.
  24. Haunted Holdup: Tom and Jerry re-imagine themselves as a vampire and mummy respectively.
  25. We All Scream: Calaboose Cal holds an ice cream cone as a few people scream with their mouths wide open.
  26. Piano Panic: McWolf plays the piano as Droopy conducts.
  27. Wright or Wrong: Tom and Tim are dressed as aviators as Jerry makes faces at Tim while Tyke face-palms.
  28. Copter Caper: Spike is riding with Tyke on a grounded helicopter.
  29. Sunken Shipwrecked: Jerry and Undine are looking at a sunken treasure chest.
  30. Fracas in Florida: The Gator Brothers are chasing Swampy as Karl and Lucy watch while sunbathing.
  31. Sha-Sha-Shaman: A dog Shaman turns Tom and Cindy-Lou into a sheep and raccoon respectively.
  32. The Winter Neighborhood Games: Tyke in winter attire is shoveling snow, as Spike feels bad.
  33. Jerry's Inner Evil: Tom pales as he looks as a spooked Jerry as Jerry's personal devil is around the mouse.
  34. Zit or Miss: Mary-Lou's Neck Zit is big as a golf ball, as Tyke crawls back in fright.
  35. Strike Three, You're Outback: Droopy and Dripple are riding a Kangaroo as McWolf readies His Boomerang.
  36. Spies in Their Eyes: Tom is sneaking around in a tuxedo as Jerry follows.
  37. Make Me an Offer: Tyke is in a Cat Suit being shown an Aluminum Box.
  38. Heroes wear Capes: Tom wears a green cape as He waves it, and Jerry raises His brow.
  39. Mermouse Out of Water: Undine is inside a Fishbowl with robot arms and legs, as Jerry points up with His index finger.

Season 8 Picture Ideas

  1. Worst of Both Worlds: Tom and Jerry are looking at their Paws in surprise as They switched species.
  2. Cat Show Capers: Tim walks away from a Dark-Grey colored Trista
  3. Tally-Ho Tyke: A Baby Fox hides behind Tyke.
  4. Clawed: Tom in the air and Spike with His face clawed.
  5. Pumping Irony: Pranky McPrankPrank spraying Droopy with String.
  6. Frozen Fish: Wild Mouse biting another Cat's finger as Tom in a Fur Parka fishes through a hole in the ice.
  7. The One and Only McWolf: McWolf does a pose to Vavoom.
  8. On the Urge: Cindy-Lou lovingly approaches a nervous Tom.
  9. Rain Strain: Three of the Chase School Kittens look up at the Title as it rains.
  10. The First National Prank: Tyke and Jerry drenching Tom with buckets of water.
  11. A Cat and His Frog: Tom nurturing a tadpole as Jerry looks from the top of Tom's head.
  12. Polar Molar: Droopy as a Dentist about to Drill a shaky McWolf's Frozen Tooth.
  13. Lodger Codger: A Disappointed Tom is sitting as His Grandfather softly scratches His head.
  14. Bored Meeting: Dripple asleep as Droopy waves His paw in front of Dripple.
  15. Aisle 4, Hero 12: Tom dressed as a Hero electrocutes Spike as a Devil.
  16. The Raging Riverboat Race: Dripple with Spike and Tyke ride a small Riverboat
  17. Home Radio: Swampy uses a microphone making the Gator Bros wince in Pain.
  18. Bad Altitude: Tom climbs but Jerry is about to pour a bucket of water.
  19. Stars in Their Eyes: Tom and Cindy-Lou look up and They see Jerry airborne.
  20. Sky-Surfing Swallow: Bernie falls down wearing Skydiving equipment.
  21. Fueling Around: McWolf as a scientist holding two test tubes with a burned face.
  22. Animal Antics: Tom as a Fox chases Jerry as a Rabbit, then Jerry as an Owl chases Tom as a Gopher.
  23. Vote of Under-Confidence: Tyke places a Ballet in a Box.
  24. Tent Situation: Tom hiding behind The Mouse Scouts' Tent sees them and Jerry looking at a campfire.
  25. Dairy Tale Ending: McWolf Shushing Us as Droopy as His Cows looks at Him
  26. Shower Power: Tom as a Mechanic see Jerry at the Shower while wearing His swimming Trunks.
  27. Seal of Disapproval: A Teenage Seal is on top of Tyke's Head.
  28. Tom's Terrible Tango: Cindy-Lou accidentally steps on Tom's toes as They dance in a Tango.
  29. Tyke a la Art: Tyke admiring Tom's modern art painting.
  30. Laser Tag, You're It: Two Chase School Kittens fire lasers at three Mouse Students.
  31. Ten-Fore: Jerry throwing out a golf ball from the hole as Tim with a golf club is about to panic.
  32. When Wild Mice Fly: Wild Mouse flaps His arms, as Jerry looks with disdain.
  33. Tom's First Date: Tom and Cindy-Lou in Fancy Clothes as They walk.
  34. It's Your Grave: An Arm from the Grave grabs Tom's ankle as Jerry looks at Tom with fear in His heart.
  35. Biosphere Brouhaha: Mary-Lou looks in surprise as Cindy-Lou goes crazy from tech withdrawal.
  36. Spaced Out Droopy: Droopy and Dripple are surrounded by Girl Aliens.
  37. Ghost Ship Trip: Tom and Jerry are paralyzed in the sight of a Ghost.
  38. Swat's the Big Idea?: Droopy and Dripple are about to be swatted by McWolf's giant swatter.
  39. Tree to Get Ready: Spike tries to climb up a tree as Tom taunts Him from a tree.