Fan Music Video Ideas

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What is on-demand?

On-demand is a special section where you can submit your ideas here and one of the video-creative users will create it. The most notable is T And J Kids. She will answer your replies ASAP, but only from Thursday - Sunday or public holidays.


Any music can be requested. But please read:

  • The songs must be singles only, NOT songs that are not singles, except when it's charted in the Billboard Hot 100, e.g. most of the songs in Taylor Swift's Speak Now (promos are accepted).
  • If the song has bad words in it, please get a clean version of it.
  • The single must be charted within the top 40 of their respective country's chart, unless you really like the song.
  • Please add the link to the song as well (YouTube video).

Fan Theme Song Opening/Endings


Season 1

  • Opening: "Flying in the Sky" by Hitofumi Ushima
  • Ending: "Umi Yori Mo Fukaku [Deeper Than The Ocean]" by Etsuko Sai

Season 2

  • Opening: "Trust You Forever" by Hitofumi Ushima
  • Ending: "Kimi No Naka No Eien [The Eternity in You]" by Inoue Takehide

Season 3

  • Opening: "Just Communication by Two-Mix
  • Ending: "It's Just Love! by Rumi Onishi

Season 4

  • Opening: "Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite (Shine in the Storm)" by Chiniro Yonekura
  • Ending: "10 Years After" by Chihiro Yonekura

Season 5

  • Opening: "Daybreak's Bell" by L'Arc-en-Ciel
  • Ending: "Wana" by The Back Horn

Season 6

  • Opening: "Asu E (To Tomorrow)" by Galileo Galilei
  • Ending: "Kimi no Naka No Eiyu (Hero in You)" by Minami Kuribayashi

Season 7

  • Opening: "Nibun no Ichi" by BACK-ON
  • Ending: "Imagination > Reality" by AiRI

Season 8

  • Opening: Viva Namida (Space Dandy version) by Yasuyuki Okamura
  • Ending: Merry-Go-Around by Chemistry

T And J Kids

Season 4

  • The art gallery idea
    • Little Tom & Little Jerry are walking in an art museum and see lots of artwork done by different artists. Then they enter a room called the 'Tom & Jerry Kids Gallery' and encounter a huge painting of the Tom & Jerry Kids logo, namely 'The All-New Tom & Jerry Kids Show'. Little Tom & Jerry see in one painting, Spike & Tyke building a swing together, Tyke sees Little Tom and waves. Then they walk to another painting, which shows Droopy & Dripple being hugged by Ms. Vavoom. From out of nowhere, McWolf tries to grab Droopy & Dripple, and Tom & Jerry draw a mustache on McWolf's face, laughing. But he sees this and slams little Tom down on the ground, and Jerry quickly enters the scene, followed by Tom. In the next painting we see, they walk to within, they see Kyle, Clyde, and Calaboose Cal planning to catch Bernie Bird, but Tom shouts, "NO!" to them, then they start chasing into the next painting, with all the kids from the show playing happily in the playground, when suddenly they caught the eyes of White Tabby and Lucy (Cindy-Lou does not appear as she is Tom's crush) and they were about to kiss them gracefully when they saw Tom & Jerry being chased followd by a number of characers. They stop doing it and began chasing after Tom & Jerry until they reach the final painting (we see the remaining characters who do not appear in any painting) and they find themselves getting stuck. After a few seconds, they all dissolve into what we call the All-New Tom & Jerry Kids Show logo in bright neon lights.


  • McWolf singing a parody of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
    • McWolf: "I remember when they broke up the first time
      Saying, "This is it, I've had enough," 'cause like
      They shouldn't seen each other in a month
      'Cause they, make me, really sick. (What?)
      Then they come around again and say
      "Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change, trust me."
      Remember how that lasted for a day?
      They say, "I hate you," they break up, they call them, "I love you."
      Ooh, they called it off again last night
      But ooh, this time I'm telling you, I'm telling you
      They should never, ever, ever get back together,
      They should never, ever, ever get back together,
      They go talk to their friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
      But they should never ever ever get back together
      (Then chidren of Tom & Jerry Kids crew shout 'The All-New Tom & Jerry Kids Show!')


Season 1

Opening: Omoide ga Ippai (Full of Memories) by DoCo

At Tom's house, Tom is walking around the neighborhood, in a cool walk, as Jerry follows along, and as the both of them walk in diffent locations, Dripple, Tyke, Stinky Jr, Bernie Bird, the Mouse Scouts, And Tim, walk along one by one. they look at the sky full of shooting stars, as the stars become the title.

Ending: One More Chance by Yukie Nakama

At a Hilltop, slowly appearing one by one as they look at the Sky, Tom and Jerry, The Mouse Scouts, Droopy and Dripple, McWolf, Wild Mouse, Spike and Tyke, Bernie Bird, Slowpoke Antonio, Beryan Bird, Kyle and Clyde, Karl and Lucy, Tim, and Calaboose Cal. the Sky turns dark as the characters become a black silhouette.

Season 2

Opening: Platonic Tsuranuite (Let's Keep it Friends) by Kaori Sakagami

different hands put puzzle pieces on a Table and takes 80 seconds to complete. and once completed, We see Jerry shaking Tom's index finger, but 4 seconds later, the puzzle explodes as the Title.

Ending: Friends by Yawmin

The screen goes wavy until We see In a Green screen on the right side of the screen, Tom's head pops out, and a Blue screen on the left, Jerry does the same. the both of them draw on a piece of paper, Tim, Cindy-Lou, Karl, and Lucy, appears in Tom's side, as the Mouse Scouts, Bernie, Beryan, Wild Mouse, Tyke, and Mary-Lou appear on Jerry's side. both sides get mixed up as Jerry and His pals become Cats, as Tom and His friends become Mice.

Season 3

Opening: Kokoro Wa Tamago (The Heart is like an Egg) by Hironobu Kageyama

Flashbacks of Tom incanting Ice Cream to fall from the sky, Droopy and Dripple looking at plants, Tom watching over a sick Cindy-Lou, Spike grabbing Tom's Bully by the tail as Tom and Jerry cheer along with Tyke, Karl holding a terrified Lucy, Tim performing Magic to White Tabby, Bernie handstanding while holding His skateboard, The Mouse Scouts riding a small wagon, Dripple juggling while dressed as a clown, Lucy cleaning Karl's hair, Bernie sunbathing on a beach, Tom and Jerry being in a Video Game, and ends with The Entire gang walking down stairs, and waving at Us as the title appears on the screen.

Ending: Top of the Summer by D-51

at a Beach, Tom is sunbathing as Tom's bully is about to throw sand at Tom's face, Jerry uses a magnifying glass burning the bully's tailtip, screaming in pain. When Cindy-Lou walks by, Jerry wakes up Tom, who waves at Cindy-Lou. Jerry softly pulls Tom's Tail, and motions Him to look at the sky, as the other characters look up at a fireworks spectacular. and in the fireworks show, the embers of the fireworks, form the classic constellations of the characters, as Tom with Jerry watch in Awe as the fireworks continue to explode.

Season 4

Opening: Renai No Sainou (Talent for Love) by Chisa Yokoyama

In a psychedelic scenery, Tom, Karl, Tyke, Tim, Jerry, Wild Mouse and the Male Chase School Students, walk to nowhere. until a colorful heart goes in and out of the males' bodies, and the heart splits into the forms of Cindy-Lou, Lucy, Mary-Lou, Trista, Undine the Mermouse, Misty Mouse, and the Girl Chase Students as the males approach them lovingly as the scene stops.

Ending: Gotcha Goseiger by Hideyuki Takahashi

At a bridge, Tom, Jerry, Tyke, Dripple, Wild Mouse, and Karl run towards the other side as They show their dance moves. and like magic, a lot of characters appear and dance along. In a Red backdrop, a Sepia-fied Kyle and Spike are growling angrilly at each other as a still-colorful Tyke tries to play mediator as He plays the harp. in a Pie-eating contest colored Orange, a colorful Clyde gives His pies to a black-and-white Kyle. in a Yellow backdrop, A Colorless McWolf is swimming in money (Scrooge McDuck style) as a colorful Droopy and Dripple walk off. In a Green Backdrop, a colrful Tom tangos with a colorful Cindy-Lou as a colorless Gaylord looks from over a fence. In Jerry's Mouse hole colored Indigo, A Colorless Jerry sleeps in His bed as a colorful Tom watches from a window. In a Blue-colored Sea, Jerry and Undine dance. in a Violet-Colored Park, Tim's body is on the grass as Trista Giggles. In a colorful environment, The Chase School Students make Their own pose per 2 seconds. then at a Beach, Tom, Jerry, Tyke, Dripple, Karl, and Wild Mouse dance a tango with Their respective soulmates. lastly, All the characters make Their individual dance moves at a Parking lot as They finish up and They wave good-bye.

Season 5

Opening: Kimirashiku by Emu

As the Sun goes down at Hemet, the Logo appears. the scene changes to Tom's backyard, at morning, Tom, with Cindy-Lou, Clyde, and The Chase School Kittens, Calaboose Cal, Sheriff Potgut, and the Gator Bros. dance a few poses for 15 seconds. In an Ocean, Jerry, with Undine, The Mouse Scouts, Wild Mouse, Misty Mouse, Bernie, Beryan, and the Chase School Mice dance for 20 seconds, and at a Flying Platform, Tyke with Spike, Mary-Lou, Droopy, Dripple, McWolf, Stinky Jr, Kyle, Karl, Lucy, Tim, Trista, and Swampy dance along for 20 seconds. and when the screen spins, We see All the characters in 3 different measuring cups and poured into a Dynamite stick, which is lit and when it explodes, the Logo appears again as the Characters hold it up.

Ending: Shiny Shiny by Nirgilis

At a Starry Sky, Tom is sleeping on a star, but is woken by Jerry riding on a shooting star. as the Chase goes on, Constellations of Cindy-Lou, Spike, Tyke, Mary-Lou, Tim, Trista, Kyle, Karl, Lucy, Droopy, Dripple, McWolf, Wild Mouse, and finally the Constellations of Tom and Jerry. Tom stops chasing Jerry as They look at the sky as They return to reality.

Season 6

Opening: Healin' You by Salia

Tom and Jerry are resting as They are floating on an inner tube as They look at the sky. Visions of Tom and Jerry's Good Memories are in the scenery like Tom high-fiving the Chase School Students, Jerry being kissed by Undine, Tom kissing Cindy-Lou's Paw, Jerry Hugging Her Mom, Tom softly pushing Tim to Trista, Jerry marching the Mouse Scouts. the characters flip the raft, as the memories dissipate and Tom and Jerry play in the water. as the T&JK Logo appears in the water ripples.

Ending: Movin'!! by Takacha

In a Pitch-black background, We see a zoom-out of Tom and He sneaks off-screen to the left. then, a zoom-out of Jerry, as His shoulder is tapped and runs off as Tom chases Him. In a cityscape Droopy and Dripple wave to Tom and Jerry. McWolf approaches the Hounds but they all dance to the beat. at a schoolyard Tree, the Mouse Students are sleeping on hammocks hung by branches as the Kitten Students are reading Comics in the shade. When they see Jerry being chased by Tom, They Dance to the beat. at Spike and Tyke's house as Tom continues to chase Jerry, Spike gripes at Tom being in the yard, but Tyke dances to the beat to Spike's confusion. Jerry stops and wonders Where Tom was and He sees Tom looking at Cindy-Lou's Eyes. Jerry shrugs His shoulders and then goes to the beach and sees Undine in the ocean, as He suits up in a diving outfit to encounter Her. At a Beach, at night, All the characters dance to the beat, and after they dance, an explosion covers the screen, and We see Tom, Jerry, Cindy-Lou, Droopy, Dripple, Spike, Tyke, Tim, and Trista making a pose as the Screen whites out.

Season 7

Opening: Toki no Kanata e

In Prehistoric Times, Tom and Jerry appear as Cavemen, and Tom chases Jerry with a club, entering a time stream, They evolve into romans in 510 B.C. Rome, as Jerry chases Tom with a spear then at 43 B.C. Egypt, They become Egyptians, but Tom pulls out a small snake with Jerry running away. at 1185 A.D. in Japan, Tom and Jerry become Japan Samurais. with Tom chasing Jerry with a sword. In the Medieval Age in 1492, Tom and Jerry become knights, with Jerry hiding inside Tom's armor. then in the Renaissance, Tom and Jerry are Artists. with Tom and Jerry making an insulting Picasso-ish Portrait of each other. In the space age, Jerry chases Tom while wearing jet boots. then At Tom's Yellow house, Tom becomes tired from His ordeal, passing out. as Jerry places a pillow under the cat's head.

Ending: Stay Beautiful

Still pictures of Tom sneaking up to Jerry who just spots the kitten, McWolf aims a firecracker at Droopy and Dripple, not knowing that the firecracker is backwards, Calaboose Cal offering some boxes to a bewildered Spike and Tyke, Tom being pestered by Butchie, Spike holding Tyke on His shoulders, Tom blushing as Cindy-Lou charms Him, Tom holding a queasy Jerry, whose face is green, Tom hiding behind Tyke from Spike, Droopy softly tussling Dripple's hair, Jerry kissing a floating Undine's hand, Bernie stomping harmlessly on Lucy's head, Tyke scratching endlessly as the fleas go into Tom's fur, Tom's Devil pointing at Spike as Tom looks conflicted, Tom looking up at Jerry, who is on the kitten's head, and The entire gang looking at the screen.

Fan Drawings

Promotional Art Ideas



  • McWolf overjoyed because of a lifetime supply of broccoli.



  • Bernie Bird got caught by Kyle, but McWolf overhears from another room


  • (If these episode ideas aired in Disney Channel or Disney XD) Doof along with his daughter, Vanessa, wearing 3D glasses, watching "Artist Rendering" in a movie theater, and Doof laughs.


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T And J Kids

Names for Unnamed Characters

Episode Ideas

For the premise of each episode, see the following pages:

Fan Season 1

  1. Catnap Tom/Merit Badgered/Strained Magic
  2. Brain Drained/Digging the Scene/Bad-Luck Bernie
  3. Last Fiction/East of the Best/Birdie and the Beast
  4. Wild Cards/Borderline Boredom/Artist Rendering
  5. Sherlock Tyke/Twin-Twin Situation/Singing in the Ghost Train
  6. Tell-Tail Heart/Carnival Calamity/Here Comes the Little Bride
  7. Beatnik Bulldog/From Starch to Finish/Chair and Chair Alike
  8. Pyrotechnic Panic/Southern-Fried Tom/Jerry's Secret Weapon
  9. Thrill-Ride Tom/Banjo Bulldog/Deviled Dog
  10. Penguins are Mightier Than Swords/Splitted Personalities/Sail of the Century
  11. William Tell-All/A Cat's Game/Sharp-Shooter Spike
  12. Wheel Be Ready/Crook-Busters/Rooftop Relaxation
  13. Peach Sold Separately/Movie Fear/Barber-Shop Quarter

Fan Season 2

  1. Opera and Down/Lighthouse of Cards/Stashing the Trash
  2. A Ramble Gamble/The Mood for Food/Accordion Discord
  3. Windowsill to Swallow/Tree of Charge/Raging Bulldog
  4. General Karl/Jerry at the Bat/Pranks for Nothing
  5. Sale of the Second/Sheep in Wolf's Clothing/When Mice Were Cats
  6. Over Pressure/Toxic Paste/Shock and Awesome
  7. Karate Kitten/Balloon Platoon/Chill Thrill
  8. Submerged Jerry/Tarot Terror/Dreaming On
  9. Mild and Crazy/Maze Craze/Cart Capers
  10. Velcro's Nest/Head in the Clouds/Deaf Sentence
  11. Roller Waitress/Clean Sweep/Renaissance Ramble
  12. Dressed for Success/One, Two, Three, Forest/Camera Shy
  13. Urban Living/Too Many Crooks/But of Obstacle Course

Fan Season 3

  1. Basic Restraining/Welcome to the Future/Grunge Match
  2. Falling Ice Cream/Come What Maze/The Purr-fect Perfume
  3. Archolo-Jitters/Flower Power/Sick Daze
  4. Bully for Who?/The Bugs Stop Here/A Pup and His Puppet
  5. Ok for Croquet/Comet and Get It/Timothy the Terrific
  6. Eight Unusual Suspects/Skate-Bird/Dollars and Zen
  7. Sword of the Day/Fish Upon a Star/Extravagant Extraterrestrial
  8. Front-Row Wagon/Front and Kayak/Chariot and Chariot Alike
  9. You Sweat Your Life/Tis' a Small Price to Pay/Up and Clown
  10. Hero and There/Cats Off to Tyke/Society Hurts
  11. Danger Level/Tom's Bodyguard/Amish Fish
  12. Surf-Bored Kitten/The Chaos Zone/And So On, and So North
  13. Mobsters vs. Mobsters/Mouse-Shot Blues/Aim of the Game

Fan Season 4

  1. Hypnotized Timothy/Violence is Vile/King-Size Kyle
  2. You Got Schooled/Tomb with a View/Nature-Lover Droopy
  3. Aiding the Enemy/Tragedy Begins at Home/Unhappy Trails to You
  4. Catcher on the Sty/Crook Takes Pawn/Do it or Donor
  5. Tom Gets the Point/Parenthood Panic/Spy Vs. Pup
  6. Ad and Subtract/Sky-Bye Birdie/Home-Shopping Networking
  7. Trains, Trains, and More Trains/The Endless Obstacle Course/On the Beatnik
  8. Pied Mouse/Steal Life/Taking the False
  9. Spike in the Slammer/Pastry Panic/Scavenger Hunter
  10. Pianist's Delight/Romance Class/Frozen Fury
  11. Germ-Busters/Draw and Order/Camera Chaos
  12. Hoo-Hoo Voo-Doo/When Kittens Fly/Wild Mouse Gone Mild
  13. Kitten Who Came for a Midnight Snack/Tele-Terror/What is Cool?

Fan Season 5

  1. Nature Class/A Not-So-Bright Future/Planet of the Wolves
  2. Raging Pup/Paper Chase/Kamp Kitten
  3. Strummer Vacation/Dice of Life/No Good Deed
  4. Ready, Willing, and Cable/Kitchen Magician/Cajun Swampy
  5. Spooky Summit/Surfing Turf/The Extra Files
  6. Glue Season/Knead for Speed/Through Thick But not Thin
  7. To Beach Their Own/Fowl Play/Tail Tale
  8. Hyde and Seek/Voo-Doo-He Does/There Went the Neighborhood
  9. Flea of Absence/Ballet Down the Law/Cleocatra's Return
  10. Snow Way/In the Mood for the Moon/Dictator Droopy
  11. Round and Ground/Shocky Tom/Tanks for Nothing
  12. Sewer or Later/Winded Mill/Make it There, Make it Nowhere
  13. Turtle Soup/Wishing Upon a Starling/A Punting We Will Go

Fan Season 6

  1. Genies Louise/Tooth isn't Stranger Than Fiction/Not to Dimension
  2. Poised Ivy/Talent Show/Sleepless McWolf
  3. Fool for a Day/Park Panic/Last Kittens on Earth
  4. Wind or Lose/Hat Trick Horrors/Heist Hijinx
  5. Tyke 'n Toddlers/Cat 'n Mouse of Steel/Dog Grumps <--- These were requested.
  6. Monster Trash/Bubble Trouble/Slow But Surely, Never Wins the Race
  7. Rags to Witches/Cal's Time Car/Heatwave Hounds
  8. Satisfaction not Guaranteed/Snack Attack/Treasure Measure
  9. Trash is Treasure/Not-So-Fun Raiser/Same Time, Same Space
  10. Heavy Mental/Beyond a Reasonable Scout/Dream a Little Dream
  11. To Bee, or Not to Bee (That is the Question)/Skate-Mouse/Brain, Brain, Go Away
  12. Raising the Car/Only the Wild Survive/Hallo-Weird
  13. Tub be, or Not Tub Be/Maximum Insecurity/Hollywood Works

Fan Season 7

  1. Jukebox Jerks/Loopy Luncheon/Dried-Up Droopy
  2. Coral Calamity/Falling in Lava/Pirate Panic
  3. Money Can't Bayou Love/Rickety Race/Tricked or Treat
  4. Eight Nine Tennis/Tidal Trouble/The Most Disgusting Game
  5. Bully-Dog Pulpit/Sewage or Later/The 10-Kyle Dash
  6. Ready, Steady, Bingo/Of Mice and Menace/Spike Against Spike
  7. Twice-Told-Tale/Fool for a Week/Dr. Thomas and Mr. Jerry
  8. Flea-Bitten Tyke/Mr. Clyde I Pre-Sumo/Haunted Hold-Up
  9. We All Scream/Piano Panic/Wright or Wrong
  10. Copter Caper/Sunken Shipwrecked/Fracas in Florida
  11. Sha-Sha-Shaman/The Winter Neighborhood Games/Jerry's Inner Evil
  12. Zit or Miss/Strike Three, You're Outback/Spies in Their Eyes
  13. Make Me an Offer/Heroes Wear Capes/Mermouse Out of Water

Fan Season 8

  1. Worst of Both Worlds/Cat Show Capers/Tally-Ho Tyke
  2. Clawed/Pumping Irony/Frozen Fish
  3. The One and Only McWolf/On the Urge/Rain Strain
  4. The First National Prank/A Cat and His Frog/Polar Molar
  5. Lodger Codger/Bored Meeting/Aisle 4, Hero 12
  6. The Raging Riverboat Race/Home Radio/Bad Altitude
  7. Stars in Their Eyes/Sky-Surfing Swallow/Fueling Around
  8. Animal Antics/Vote of Under-Confidence/Tent Situation
  9. Dairy Tale Ending/Shower Power/Seal of Disapproval
  10. Tom's Terrible Tango/Tyke a la Art/Laser Tag, You're It
  11. Ten-Fore/When Wild Mice Fly/Tom's First Date
  12. It's Your Grave/Biosphere Brouhaha/Spaced Out Droopy
  13. Ghost Ship Trip/Swat's the Big Idea/Tree to Get Ready

New Title Card Ideas

Tom and Jerry Kids New Episode Title Picture Ideas

Mini-episode ideas


3-minute-long episodes

Season 1

Main voice cast for Fan Seasons

Charlie Adler as Dripple, Screwball Squirrel, Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel

Joe Alaskey as Droopy

William Callaway as Slowpoke Antonio

Brian Cummings as Clyde the Cat

Patrick Fraley as Kyle the Cat

Teresa Ganzel as Vavoom

Dick Gautier as Spike

Tom Kenny as Calaboose Cal

Frank Welker as Tom, Jerry, McWolf, Wild Mouse

Patric Zimmerman as Tyke

Additional Voices

Brandon Adams

Patricia Alice Albrecht

Jack Angel

Rene Auberjonois

Michael Bell

Gregg Berger

Ellen Blain

Susan Blu

Charlie Brill

Jim J. Bullock

Scott Bullock

Arthur Burghardt

Ruth Buzzi

Nancy Cartwright

Tara Strong

Marsha Clark

Selette Cole

Townsend Coleman

Danny Cooksey

Bud Cort

Jessi Corti

Peter Cullen

Brian Cummings

Jim Cummings

Tim Curry

Jennifer Darling

Debi Derryberry

Mari Devon

Neil Dickson

Nancy Dussault

Maggie Egan

June Foray

Brad Garrett

Kathy Garver

Dan Gilvezan

Barry Gordon

Benji Gregory

Archie Hahn

Pamela Hayden

George Hearn

Jerry Houser

John Hurt

Arte Johnson

Vicki Juditz

Janice Kawaye

Zale Kessler

Paul Kreppel

Maurice LaMarche

David Lander

Judith Light

Marilyn Lightstone

Sherry Lynn

Tress MacNeille

Mona Marshall

Chuck McCann

Edie McClurg

Nicholas Melody

Scott Menville

Diane Michelle

Brian Mitchell

Laura Mooney

Alan Oppenheimer

Patricia Parris

Rob Paulsen

Julie Payne

Pat Pinney

Phil Proctor

Hal Rayle

Peter Renaday

Clive Revill

Kevin Richardson

Kimmy Robertson

Stuart Robinson

Roger Rose

Neil Ross

Ronnie Schell

Heidi Shannon

Susan Silo

Kath Soucie

Sally Struthers

Jeffrey Tambor

Mark L. Taylor

Marcelo Tubert

Janet Waldo

B.J. Ward

Jimmy Weldon

Jane Wiedlin

Lee Wilkof

April Winchell

JoAnne Worley

Corey Burton

Alternate/Additional Scenes and Endings for Official Episodes

Jerry's Mother

  • Instead of swiping Jerry's cupcake, Tom surprises Jerry and grabs him, but Jerry's mom twists the kitten's tail, making Tom cry. Jerry's mom says, "Serves you right for scaring my son". Jerry, of course, shakes his head.

Who are you Kitten

  • Jerry from a mouse hole, witnesses the kitten's misdeed of swallowing the cake whole and blaming Tom, then Jerry goes to a phone and was about to call someone.

Birthday Surprise

  • As Tom is walking toward Cindy-Lou's house, he was daydreaming of how he and Cindy-Lou would be married. Cindy-Lou was about to kiss Tom in his point of view, when he trips onto the sidewalk.
  • As Tom blew the party favor, he thinks about him marrying Cindy-Lou. As the girl kitten sees it, she says "Is that the both of us married?" Tom blushes embarrassedly and he nods "yes" as Cindy-Lou giggles.

Chase School

  • As the cat students cheered for Tom, one of the mouse students cheered, and got thrown into the cat side of the auditorium as one of the kittens softly pats the mouse's head.
(The kitten students cheer for Tom but, as most of the mouse students glare angrily, one student is beaming, then...)
Mouse Student: Hooray! (the mouse students glare angrily as the kitten students look at the cheering mouse with confused looks) Um... (the mouse is thrown into the kitten side.)
  • As the mouse students cheered for Jerry, one of the cat students cheered and got thrown into the mouse side of the auditorium as one of the mice shakes the kitten's index finger.
(After Jerry glares at Tom for kicking him, then...)
Kitten Student: Yay Jerry! (Tom reacts surprisingly as Jerry beaming at the kitten. But sees the kitten thrown into the mouse side.)
  • After the mouse students cheered for Jerry after he pied Tom in the face, Tom stuffs Limburger cheese down Jerry's throat, making him sick and vomit in a trash can. The kitten students cheered for Tom as the teacher lectures on the originality of using Limburger cheese as a makeshift poison.
(After the pie-in-the-face routine as the mice students cheer...)
(Tom grabs a chunk of Limburger cheese and stuffs it down Jerry's throat, making him sick with a green face and goes to a trash bin, vomiting.)
Teacher: And for the makeshift poison in the form of Limburger cheese. (The kittens cheer for Tom, but the offending kitten boos at him.)
  • As the fighting raged on between the kitten and mouse sides, the same two students who booed wants advice on how the both of them can becomes friends, but the same two students get pelted with garbage as Tom and Jerry look on in bewilderment.
  • After the teacher threatened to call the police on the students...
Students: Get him! (the students attack the teacher, and bound and gag him, as Tom and Jerry applauded)

Chumpy Chums

  • As Jerry hides, he sees Tom sneaking off with a stick holding a bag, but Tom bumps into Spike, who lectures the kitten that running away from his problems won't do any good.
(As Jerry hides behind a shovel, he sees Tom sneaking away with a stick holding a bag until he bumps into Spike.)
Spike: Running away from your problems won't help squat, pussycat. and what's this? (checks inside Tom's bag and sees a box of kitty food and some cat toys) Really? a box of food? It'll just last three days. (to audience) Perhaps he needs a new method. Yeah!
  • As Spike tells Tom to be friends with Jerry, the kiten thinks up some ways to deal with the bigger dog, but Tyke says that Tom has that evil look in his eyes.
Spike: Remember, as long as you're friends with the mouse, I won't tear off your whiskers! (as Tom walks off, he draws Spike as a devil on a sketchpad.)
Tyke: Dad! Be more lenient. And he's got that evil look in his eyes.
Spike: Kid evil or pure evil? (Tyke shakes his head in disdain.)
  • Instead of Tom absconding Jerry's cake, he uses a camera to get a picture of Jerry about to enjoy the cake. Spike commends Tom for doing such a great deed, as Tom gives a begrudged Jerry the picture. Jerry still angry from being blinded temporarily by Tom's camera, stomps on Tom's foot. Tom yowls in pain, as he falls on his back. Spike however, berated Jerry for not being grateful enough to Tom, making Spike realize that Jerry needs the same lessons Tom went through.
(Just as Jerry was about to enjoy the cake, he's temporarily blinded by a camera flash, made by Tom's camera.)
Spike: Very good, cat. What do you do next? (Tom thinks for a few moments, and then snaps his fingers and tries to give Jerry the picture. Jerry however, comes up to Tom and stomps on Tom's foot, making him jump up and fall on his back.) Hey! (glares angrilly at Jerry) I can see why you don't have many friends. He offers you a picture and you harm his foot. You know, I'm thinking you should be having the same lessons.

Fear of Flying

Space Chase

  • 25 years later, the picture frame shows all the chase and truss scenes. Jerry, as an adult, shows an adult Tom to say hello and they ask a wonderful good ol' time since they we're kids. but unfortunately, Jerry wield a huge hammer and hit's tom's tail. and so, the New Chase begins for a new adventure tales.

The Pink Powder Puff Racer

  • Tyke on the bed with his measles tell the viewers how Tyke met Mary-Lou. He tells the story started at his elementary school when Tyke Met Mary-Lou at the Locker Halls. Tyke tells hello and ask her name and she replied. later, Tyke and Mary-Lou spending at her house and going places for some fun. after that, Mary-Lou kisses Tyke's lips so that she will meet again. Tyke tells the story is over and he tells the viewers a lesson about everything but Spike Tells Tyke, "uh, son, who are you talking to?" said Spike. Tyke tells his father, "nothing dad. just talking to myself." he went back to sleep and tells the viewers that sometimes, he talks to himself and he laughs then back to sleep again.

McWerewolf of London

  • After Droopy and Dripple sent McWerewolf in the Clues Closet, they sent McWerewolf to jail and serving broccoli pie. and thus Droopy and Dripple shakes hands, they're going on a patrol again to find other bad guys in the foggy of London.

Other Ideas


  • US: Rated E for everyone.
  • AUS: G
  • EU: 7+???
  • JP: A